Win Against the Casino

Common queries and doubts

In order to help you clarify some possible doubts you may have regarding this gambling system implementation, I have gathered a set of common doubts among the website users, so you can be clear faster. If you still have doubts, you may use the website contact form to send me an email.

How much should I deposit on each Casino?

> £5 – £25 – It is not enough money to recover your loses after a set of less positive results.
> £50 – You must stake with much lower values, which invalidates the chances to make money.
> £80 – The Casino understand that you are a gambler looking for a bonus. Leading to a huge amount of money to withdraw.
> £100 or more – Generally, people that follows to the letter the gambling system, can in fact make money.

I recommend you to always make at least an initial £100 deposit, which, as explained in the System Rules, is the most smoothly way to safely gamble and having a bankroll capable of respond to a set of losing bets, until you get your money back.

Adding to this, the more money you place in a certain Casino, the more will be your bankroll, which means that in a set of 9 consecutive loses, you will have money to turn around the situation and recover all the move, including your profits.

How to withdraw the money from the Casinos?

There are several ways to withdraw your money from the Online Casinos, which you should choose the one that most suits you. I recommend you to always choose the electronic bankroll funds, such as the Skrill, PayPal or Neteller, which will then allow you to transfer the money into your bank account. You may also choose to make a direct transfer from the Casino into your bank account, if you wish to. If you have made your deposit with a Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard) you may also withdraw your money directly into your card.

Are the Online Casinos safe?

The online gambling industry is one of the most advanced of the entire world regarding technology. As Casinos main goal is to always win and get as much money as possible, their IT systems, besides being extremely liable and fast, are super safer and use advanced safety protocols with encrypted data from all their customers, including banking data, credit cards, etc. All the website recommended Casinos use edge technology regarding safety, therefore, you can relax on this aspect!

Are there bonuses for new gamblers?

All the website recommended Casinos offer bonuses for new gamblers, which can go from £50 up to £200, depending on each Casino. You may check out the available offers at our website and take advantage from those who have the best bonuses, for you to start with as much money as possible. This way, you will have a stronger bankroll and it will be less likely for you to make errors, which means you will be able to always get money by strictly follow the system rules.

For how long can I use this system?

This gambling system may be used whenever you want. However, I do not recommend you to gamble more than 20 up to 30 minutes per day, in order to avoid a consecutive set of losing moves. The odds and statistics are crucial for you to get the best possible results, therefore, if you strictly follow the rules, you have more than 99,99% chances to beat the Casino and the gambling system, and by that making some extra money.