Win Against the Casino

System Rules

Best MethodThere are some important rules for you to keep in mind to beat the system. The model created based on gambling odds and statistics allows you to some easily beat the Casinos. However, it is very important to follow the system rules in order to always be sure that you are mathematically perfectly gambling.

Technically, you will not need more than a computer and an internet access, as well as from 20 up to 30 minutes per day to put the system in practice and beat the Casinos. As I have mentioned in the home page, it is important for you to put this system in practice on several Casinos at the same time. This way you can gamble in the several Casinos on a rotation basis, going unnoticed and getting the highest possible earnings of your leisure time.

Imagine the following scenario:

Monday: Bet365 – £75 profit
Tuesday: MrGreen – 71 profit
Wednesday: Don’t gamble
Thursday: WilliamHill Casino – £67 profit
Friday: 888 Casino – £82 profit
Saturday: Don’t gamble
Sunday: – £77 profit

As you may understand, in a single week I have never used the same Casino to gamble. This allowed me to apply the Beat the Casino system in several Casinos at the same time, decreasing my chances to lose money and at the same being unnoticed by most of the Online Casinos when applying this gamble system. At the same time, I was able to earn £372 in a single week, and can reply this same strategy on the next 3 following weeks to make more then £1000 per month with this system.

Beat the system into practice!

This gambling system is extremely simple to put into practice in any of the Recommended Casinos. Remember that the Recommended Casinos are the ones that have more customer in a global level, where I tested the system myself and where you most likely can be unnoticed, apply the system and make money. Do not gamble with this system on other Casinos, since you may not have the same results!

This gambling system uses the European Roulette to somewhat easily take advantage of the Casinos’ winning chances. In case you didn’t know, in the Black and Red and Odd or Even bets, you have 50% chance of winning the stake. However, if you apply this gambling system, you exponentially increase your odds, beating somewhat easily the system and making an extremely good profit for whom gambles only from 20 up to 30 minutes per day. Check how does it works:

1st Step:
> Choosing the initial colour. Ex. We have chosen Red

2nd Step:
> Bet a chip on your chosen colour. Ex. Bet £1 on Red

3rd Step:
> If the chosen colour (Red) comes, you move to the “Winning” Step.
> If the not chosen color (Black) comes, you move to the “Losing” Step.

Winning Step: Put a chip on the opposite colour that you have just chosen, spin up the wheel and move on to the 3rd Step.

Losing Step: Double your previous bet in the colour that you have just chosen, spin up the wheel and move on to the 3rd Step.

While losing, double the bet on the same colour. While winning, change the chosen colour and bet again the minimum bet available (£1). This means that, for instance, if you lose 3 spins in a row, you would bet £1+£2+£4 and so on until you win again and start all over the £1 minimum bets, which is the recommended amount to apply on this system in an initial phase! When you feel more comfortable at the game, you may raise the minimum bet amount up to £2, £3 or £4.

Odds in practice

The European Roulette has 37 pockets on the wheel: 18 numbers are Black, 18 numbers are Red, and Zero which is not Black neither Red. Has we have seen before in our example, we decided to bet on Red:

> Odds of not coming up Red = 19/37 (19 = 18 Black + 0 Zero)

> Odds of coming up Red = 18/ 37 (18 Red)

Let’s than see the odds of making a series of consecutive bets and never coming up a Red. This calculation depends, therefore, on the minimum and maximum bet allowed by the specific Casino where you are betting, thus I always recommend you to bet with £1 and £1 multiples.

Let’s use as an example a £1 initial bet.

Minimum bet = £1.00
Maximum bet = £1.000

> 1st bet = £1 = Lost
> 2nd bet = £2 = Lost
> 3rd bet = £4 = Lost
> 4th bet = £8 = Lost
> 5th bet = £16 = Lost
> 6th bet = £32 = Lost
> 7th bet = £64 = Lost
> 8th bet = £128 = Lost
> 9th bet = £256 = Lost
> 10th bet = £512 = Lost
> 11st bet = £1024 = Lost

In this type of scenario, we would end up losing our entire bankroll and therefore would not be able to bet a higher amount than the £1024 required for a single Black and Red bet, because the Casino wouldn’t let it. However, the chances for 11 betting series to be consecutively negative are only about 0.000655%! This means, in this case, your chances to beat the system and more specifically the Casino, are over 99,9%. By consecutively beating the system along your moves, you can somewhat easily multiply your bankroll.


Odds for the Red not coming up in 11 spin wheels in a row = (19/37)11 = 0.000655%

> Once every 1527 we lose 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512 = £1023
> 1526 times every 1527 we win £1

As the odds on the European Roulette runs completely in your favour, by applying this gambling system based on mathematical, odds and statistical methods, we are entirely in advantage over the Casino, Being possible to apply this method in several Casinos simultaneously, exponentially increasing our earnings!