Win Against the Casino

How to get started

In order to start beating the system you don’t need nothing more than a computer with internet access and from 20 up to 30 minutes per day to put into practice the system and beat the Casinos. This system, 100% safe and legal, will help you to make some extra money, but most of all beat the system, always with the perfect mathematical move, for you to have the best possible result. I recommend you to also read the System Rules, where you can understand how does the system works and how to take its advantage to beat somewhat easily the Casinos. If you read the text you know exactly what to do in each move, therefore, let’s move to the step-by-step you should follow in order to get the best possible results by implementing your gamble strategy. And don’t forget the basic rule: don’t be greedy!

1. Choose one of the recommended Casinos and open your account

Not all Casinos meet the required standards for you to use the Beat the Casino system. We recommend you to always choose a Casino from the presented below, since we have in tested on each one the system in practice. Strictly avoid to use the system on other Casinos, simply because you have already a registered account on them. You are more likely to lose money on the long term. We recommend you to follow our recommendations, for you to have the best possible results. Also don’t forget that these are the biggest online Casinos in the entire world, which means you will go completely unnoticed, whatever the case and whatever you do.

Note: Deposit from £50 up to £200. With lower amounts you will struggle to beat the system in the long term and you will end up losing money.


William Hill Casino

888 Casino

2. Deposit from £50 up to £200 and take advantage of the bonus

All recommended Casinos offer a welcome bonus that allow you to immediately double your bankroll. This means that if you deposit £100 you will get £200 to gamble, and if you deposit £200 you will get £400 and so on. With the bonus, you may immediately double your bankroll and by that take advantage of having a larger bankroll to get more money and implement your system, beating more easily the Casinos.

Casino Bonus

As all Casinos offer a bonus for new players, when you open an account on several Casinos, you may considerably increase your bankroll and use the gamble system simultaneously on different Casinos, substantially increasing your earnings. Adding to this, you may mid-term your strategy, going completely unnoticed on each one.

3. Login and select the European Roulette

After opening your account and making your first deposit, you’ll end up beneficiating from a bonus which doubles your bankroll. It is now time to login at your chosen Casino and look for the European Roulette. At the Casinos, there are several Roulette variations, being the great majority used exactly the same way. Look for the European Roulette game and enter it to start putting into practice the Beat the Casinos system.

European Roulette

4. While gambling apply the system rules

1st Step:
> Choosing the initial colour. Ex. We have chosen Red

2nd Step:
> Bet a chip on your chosen colour. Ex. Bet £1 on Red

3rd Step:
> If the chosen colour (Red) comes, you move to the “Winning” Step.
> If the not chosen color (Black) comes, you move to the “Losing” Step.

Winning Step: Put a chip on the opposite colour that you have just chosen, spin up the wheel and move on to the 3rd Step.

Losing Step: Double your previous bet in the colour that you have just chosen, spin up the wheel and move on to the 3rd Step.

While losing, double the bet on the same colour. While winning, change the chosen colour and bet again the minimum bet available (£1). This means that, for instance, if you lose 3 spins in a row, you would bet £1+£2+£4 and so on until you win again and start all over the £1 minimum bets, which is the recommended amount to apply on this system in an initial phase! When you feel more comfortable at the game, you may raise the minimum bet amount up to £2, £3 or £4.

Concluding remarks

This gambling system to beat the Casinos may obviously be used with higher reference values, such as £2 minimum stakes. However, in a first stage, we strongly recommend you to use a reference stake value of £1 and doubling from that same value while you are crossing a negative set of results. Also, never forget that your chances to lose while using the system are 0,000655%, which means it must come up 11 times the same consecutive colour, therefore, you may be calm regarding the odds of losing your money, because you have a 99,99% advantage over the Casino.

Besides increasing your minimum stake value, consider to log in simultaneously on several Casinos. This will help you to increase your odds to claiming victory while using this gamble system, avoiding increasing your reference values and facing unnecessary risks. Follow the rules, don’t be greedy and use the Beat the Casino system whenever you want!

Enjoy your bets!